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Just one more…

As alluded to earlier in the week, I’ve not had the camera out much over recent days, and so I thought I’d purge the archives again. If you’ve been following this for a wee while you’ll probably recognise Amy.

no words

This was uploaded to my Flickr not long after it was taken back at the start of Summer and for some reason in recent days there have been a lot of views of it, and a kind gent also commented that he “hopes I work with her again soon”. So, given the recent interest from some people I thought it was a good a candidate as any.

This was my first day attempting to shoot portraits, at the very end of the day. We were on Crammond beach in Edinburgh, there was a beautiful Sunset behind me that was casting a stunning glow on Amy. The picture is essentially straight out of camera (aside from some standard raw conversion). I love it more for Amy than the picture. I love the expression on her face and the way her hair is falling over her mouth. She looks gorgeous, which is no small achievement after having put up with my snapping for the past couple of hours (although the wine probably helped!).

Vinyl Junkie

I wish I could still refer to myself as a vinyl junkie, but to say that would be a bit fraudulent. Over recent years my penchant for growing a vinyl collection has almost disappeared. Through lacking funds and frequent moves, it became less and less (don’t say it…) convenient (…sorry, I said it).

To a lot of people it doesn’t make any sense harking back to vinyl. I guess if I play devil’s advocate I can see the argument; why would I prefer to listen to scratchy old recordings, or prefer something that is so easily damaged and difficult to handle, when I can have the ease of 5Mb and some headphones. Almost.

As much as it may seem, this isn’t totally out of the blue. This week, I arrived home to find a conspicuously shaped package on my doorstep. Not everyday I’m so excited to fine a 12 incher at my front door! One of my favourite artists Roddy Hart has just released his latest album Road of Bones.

Roddy Hart - Road of Bones on Bandcamp

It’s available through his bandcamp where you also receive some high quality downloads of the album with your purchase. I obviously took advantage of this at the time of purchase and was listening within minutes (that nasty convenience thing again). He has produced a fantastic album, incredibly strong from start to finish. I enjoyed it through the headphones for a few days. And then, well, then the vinyl arrived, and I remembered why I used to love hanging about in Europa and Avalanche and Missing (before it got a bit shit). There is an almost tangible excitement about putting on the record, dropping the needle, following the sleevenotes as the album plays, the forced involvement of getting up to change sides.

So, while I appreciate the convenience factor (without it, I would only hear a tiny fraction of the amazing new music I devour daily) there will always be a bit of the vinyl junkie in me, especially when you hear that crackle.

Can’t beat it!

Gothic Shoot – Part II

Firstly, thank you very much to the people who kindly got in touch after the first instalment of images from this shoot, it’s great to hear your thoughts!

So, to the people involved. I mentioned by name last time the model, Carol and the make-up artist Terri. I first got in touch with Carol through Model Mayhem which I’ve mentioned on here before. The links above will take you to their MM portfolios which are well worth a look.
Definitely hope to work with them again in the future.






When colour disappears


I’m writing this on a Sunday afternoon in my mum’s living room. I’ve been searching for things to keep my mind active and away from where it wants to be. I’ve written posts to publish for the rest of the week, and now I think I need to write what is actually on my mind.

This may turn out to be a somewhat out of character post (at least in terms of what I usually put on the internet) as it’s not about photographs, or music, or me, or anything really. It’s more about the complete lack of meaning that is prevalent when someone disappears without warning from life.

A very dear person passed away late last week with no hint or warning. My sister called to tell me and without thinking I left work and headed home. I had no idea what to think, it was far to difficult to comprehend what had happened. The drive through Friday rush hour traffic took an eternity but I couldn’t recount a single thing that happened. My mind was nowhere within itself. I sat in silence, trying to understand. I couldn’t.

I’ve been round to his family home a few times over the weekend. His wife and daughters are understandably distraught and it’s impossible for me to imagine what they are going through. They left the house on Friday morning and by the afternoon their lives were upside down.
All of last weeks worries are rendered irrelevant and mean nothing. While not wanting to put words in their mouth, I’m sure they would sacrifice anything they could to have the opportunity to at least say goodbye.

This has been my first encounter with such a sudden loss and it makes it so much more difficult to make sense of. You stand, you drink tea, you sit in silence waiting on something, anything, to happen, while knowing that nothing is going to happen, it’s not going to change. You feel utterly helpless while at the same time knowing that you would do literally anything to help them out, while not being able to convey this emotion without sounding trite and useless.

I don’t suppose there is anything more I can add, if you’ve been through something like what they are suffering just now, I am truly sorry, as it is horrible, and I am sure the hurt doesn’t diminish but I hope that with time, memories of better times will overpower the sense of loss.

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Pelmet Nites

For the past few months I’ve been shooting gigs for Pelmet Nites in Glasgow. They are an independent promoter and very nice guys who put on fantastic bands. Through their gigs I’ve been exposed to bands like Endor, who I’ve since fallen for in a big way.

They hosted Be A Familiar‘s album launch on Saturday with support from Endor and Gdansk. Cracking night of music despite not feeling all that great. No beer and an early night after the show, glad I made it along though.



Be A Familiar
Be A Familiar

Be A Familiar

More photos by clicking through and a review with pictures is up at Radar.

Glad Cafe

I blogged about this event before it happened. Anticipation was, as is rarely the case, matched by a fantastic evening. Great bands, great people, and way past my bed time!

Some pictures of Song of Return playing on the night:

Song of Return

Song of Return

More pictures and a review are up on Radar

Gothic Photoshoot – Part I

Earlier this week I was part of a photoshoot with model Carol Mair and make-up artist Teri Crawford. Carol was looking to do something with a gothic theme, which was quite different for me.

It was an outdoor shoot in Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow. Make-up done on a bench, changing rooms miles away, it wasn’t the smoothest to begin with, but all came good and we managed to get it done despite the freezing wind and a random lady asking Teri to give her some smokey eyes!

I was one trigger down so was using one speedlite. Still in the experimenting stages with the off camera flash but fairly pleased with how these came out.

I’ll post part II later in the week. For now, it’d be nice to hear what you think…






Big Smoke

Lighting up outside Stereo in Glasgow


Willy Mason

The fantastic Willy Mason played a last minute set at the launch of 45-a-side Record‘s album launch night in support of The Glad Cafe.

Willy Mason

Watch some Willy Mason below and keep your eyes open for more on the album launch night.


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